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spc flooring

As a SPC flooring manufacturer, we offer SPC products in various styles and colors so that you can find the perfect style for your business or projects.

Vinyl click SPC flooring is a particularly new product in the flooring industry. It has better waterproof, rigid, dimensional stability, anti-slip and anti-scratch, so it can be safely used in bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchen.

What Kind SPC Flooring We Can Provide

Chevron SPC click flooring detail

Chevron SPC click flooring, the innovative vinyl flooring and brand-new shapes bring more changes and imagination to the installation effect of the floor.

The V-shaped design makes your life more beautiful and has a sense of design.

spc embossing flooring

EIR, Embossed In Register, The embossing matches the pattern of the color film of SPC Flooring? looks and feel right, like real wood.

ABA structure spc flooring

SPC Flooring have Super sound proof, Special product structure allows you to enjoy a quieter environment.

herringbone spc flooring

The herringbone installation form of SPC Flooring changes the traditional installation method to make it look more beautiful.

wide and narrow spc flooring

Random, Random width, Random length, Non-repeat.

What size we can provide of SPC Flooring


What thickness of SPC Flooring can we provide


Why Choose SPC Flooring from Trioflor



Dual purpose foam underlayment knocks down sound transfer between levels of the home while also providing comfort to live on..

Anti-scratch, pet-free

Anti-scratch, pet-free

With fortifier in UM our DIAMOND surface treatment performs better in anti-scratch function.

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance

With fortifier in wear layer, abrasion coefficient of our wear layer is 1500R more than regular wear layer of same thickness from other suppliers.



DIAMOND surface treatment is effective in presenting Grape globular bacteria, Escherichia and fungi, etc.

Top vinyl flooring supplier is at your service

If you want to customize floorings for your own brands, or purchase for your projects, please leave a message here, we will send our quotation and arrange the delivery of free samples as soon as possible.