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SPC Vinyl Flooring Cost Price

National SPC Flooring Average Price Range:

Basic spc flooringStandard spc flooringBest Quality spc flooring
$700 - $750$800 - $1,200$1,200 - $1,400
spc flooring pricespc flooring pricespc flooring price

SPC is considered a subtype of luxury vinyl plank flooring. Like LVP, SPC comes in planks of various thicknesses, colors, and styles. It can be click-locked or glued-down and used in all areas.
The national average cost range for installing SPC is $1,200 to $2,000, with most people paying around $1,700 for 200 sq.ft. of installed 20 mil SPC with an imprinted wood-grain pattern. This project’s low cost is $1,000 to install 200 sq.ft. of 15 mil SPC with a printed pattern. The high cost is $2,600 for 200 sq.ft. of installed 40 mil SPC with an exotic wood-grain pattern.

Considerations and Costs

  • Underlayment: Underlayments are not recommended for SPC flooring, except for a vapor barrier in wet areas.

  • Radiant heating. You can install your SPC over radiant floor heating. The cost of radiant heating is $10 to $25 a sq.ft.

  • Vinyl vapor barrier: If you install your SPC in a damp area, you may want to use a vapor barrier to eliminate moisture. This costs $100 to $150.

  • Smoother transitions: When installing this material in a room abutting another space with different flooring, you may want to use a transition strip called a threshold. The cost of this material is $5 to $30 each.

  • Pets stain and scratch: SPC is a good material to use in homes with pets. It is not impacted by waste and does not stain or scratch.

  • Sustainability: SPC is not considered sustainable flooring because it is made of plastic and cannot be recycled.

  • Subfloor: Click-lock SPC should be installed over a smooth and level subfloor. However, glue-down SPC can be installed over a subfloor

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What is SPC vinyl flooring?

SPC vinyl flooring is a luxury vinyl plank flooring. lvp is different because it has a core of limestone and polymer. This flooring is so hard that it will not crack, chip or break. Once installed, it will last for decades and is waterproof and extremely low maintenance. You can install it in any room, including bathrooms and kitchens, and it can withstand high weights and is scratch resistant.

How can I install SPC vinyl flooring

SPC can be installed as a click-lock or glue-down flooring. This impacts the installation cost, with glue-down being slightly more expensive. Click-lock flooring should only be used over a very smooth and level substrate. If your subfloor is not perfectly level, you may need to use the glue-down version for best results.

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