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spc flooring price

What is SPC Flooring?

Trioflor Rigid core luxury vinyl flooring, also known as SPC Flooring, is the most durable waterproof vinyl flooring option on the market. It has a similar structure to WPC, but it has an ultra-tough core, which is the origin of the name "rigid core".

So what does SPC stand for in SPC Flooring?

SPC is an industry term for Stone Plastic Composite or Stone Polymer Composite (these terms are used interchangeably). It describes the ultra-tough core of a rigid core luxury vinyl floor. The stone-plastic composite material makes the core layer almost indestructible, maintaining its shape even on uneven sub-floors.

what does this mean?

This means that you can install SPC rigid core luxury vinyl flooring on almost any existing (hard surface) subfloor at any level, and it is suitable for any traffic volume.

SPC Flooring usually consists of 4 layers.

Acoustic layer: This is a solid foundation for your plank. Usually, the backing will also have pre-attached padding.

SPC core: SPC Flooring contains a strong waterproof core, no matter how much liquid you touch, there will be no ripples or swelling. The core material is very dense and does not contain the foaming agent found in traditional WPC flooring. It reduces your softness under your feet slightly, but it makes the floor more durable.

Printed vinyl layer: This layer has super-realistic photo images, making the vinyl look very much like stone and wood.

Wear-resistant layer: The wear-resistant layer is like a bodyguard of a wooden board; it can protect your floor from abrasion. In the case of the wear layer, thicker still means better. SPC Flooring usually comes with a thick wear layer option to provide heavy-duty protection.

spc flooring price

Trioflor SPC Flooring Advantage

Waterproof: This is why rigid core and WPC vinyl are so popular. It is very suitable for business owners, pets and watery areas.

Ideal for uneven subfloors: The rigid core is designed to be installed on any existing hard surface, including ceramic tiles, even if it is not perfect or completely level.

Ultra durable: The SPC core makes this vinyl floor the most durable vinyl floor choice.

Realistic wood and stone look: High-end vinyl flooring mimics natural materials better than ever. SPC vinyl is the essence of crops, so the visual effects are usually incredibly convincing and beautiful.

Low maintenance: It is simple to make your floor look great. Vacuuming and mopping the floor occasionally, everything is ready.

Easy to install: Rigid core luxury vinyl tiles and planks are easy to install by yourself, most options are interlocked and float on your existing surface.

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