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What is Rigid Core SPC Flooring?

Jul. 21, 2021

SPC vinyl flooring overview

Stone-plastic composite vinyl flooring is considered an upgraded version of engineered vinyl flooring. rigid core SPC flooring is distinguished from other types of vinyl floor by its unique elastic core layer. The core is a combination of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers. This provides an incredibly stable foundation for each floor. Once installed, you can't tell what's inside these floors. The floor looks like any other engineered vinyl floor, the core is completely hidden underneath.

What is Rigid Core SPC Flooring

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Each Rigid Core SPC Flooring is composed of the following layers:

Wear-resistant layer: The transparent layer is located on the top. It is resistant to scratches and stains and is easy to keep clean.

Vinyl layer: This layer provides decoration for the wood panel. The colors and patterns are printed on vinyl.

SPC layer: This is a dense waterproof core made of natural limestone powder, polyvinyl chloride and stabilizers. It provides rigidity and stability to the board.

Pre-attached bottom pad: This layer is usually made of IXPE or EVA foam, which can provide sound insulation and cushion.

The advantages and disadvantages of SPC Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring:

SPC benefits

rigid core SPC flooring is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in home flooring. Installing SPC vinyl flooring can bring the following benefits to homeowners:


One of the biggest benefits of choosing SPC rigid-core vinyl flooring is that it has a completely waterproof core. Unlike hardwood, you can install it in a humid area of your home, such as a laundry room. This makes it an excellent flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The waterproof function also makes the board more stable in environments where humidity and temperature may fluctuate.

rigid core SPC flooring

Easy installation

Many homeowners think that SPC flooring is easy to install. You can place them on many different types of subfloors or on top of existing floors. If you choose the "resilient vinyl floor" design, you won't need to use messy and complicated glue.


Although it is more expensive than standard vinyl flooring, SPC vinyl flooring is generally cheaper than other types of luxury flooring (such as hardwood and stone). In addition to being a cheap flooring option, homeowners can usually install the flooring without professional assistance, so the DIY installation of SPC flooring can save even more money in this upgrade.


SPC vinyl flooring is similar to standard vinyl because it is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Some SPC flooring styles look like hardwood, tile, or other types of flooring. For those who want to be able to customize the appearance of their home, a wide range of options is preferable.


The thick, stable bottom layer of each board makes SPC flooring more cushioning than other types of flooring. The thicker the plank you choose, the more comfortable it will feel under your feet. These dense layers also help to make a quieter sound when walking on SPC floors; they usually don’t have a hollow or thin sound like standard vinyl. Click it.

rigid core SPC flooring

Easy to maintain

SPC rigid core vinyl flooring is very durable. Because it is very dense, it can resist impacts, stains, scratches and abrasion. This floor style is a great choice for busy families, because, in addition to keeping them well, they are also easy to keep clean. Maintenance only involves regular vacuuming or cleaning and occasional mopping of the floor. Over time, this type of floor can resist fading, peeling, and cupping. It can also withstand direct exposure to sunlight.

Disadvantages of SPC

There are so many benefits of using SPC flooring that it seems to be an obvious choice for homeowners. However, before choosing SPC flooring for your home, be sure to consider these potential disadvantages:

Add less value to your family

Installing hardwood floors and other high-end floors can add the most value to your home. Although rigid core SPC flooring looks stylish, homeowners traditionally prefer houses with solid wood flooring.

rigid core SPC flooring

Less environmentally friendly than other floors

If you are concerned about environmentally-friendly upgrades to your home, you may want to avoid vinyl. Although improvements have been made in the use of recycled materials and the removal of harmful chemicals from SPC flooring, it is still considered less environmentally friendly compared to many other floorings options made from renewable resources, especially hardwood, softwood and bamboo.