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How to choose a suitable vinyl flooring?

Jul. 26, 2021

How to choose a suitable vinyl flooring?


Many people are very interested about the vinyl flooring, and want to have a try, but they dont know which one is suitable for them. So how to choose a suitable vinyl flooring? As a professional vinyl flooring manufacturer, Trioflor advise you to do as below.

1. Do you use for residential or commercial application?

Residential application includes living room, bed room, kitchen, and so on, commercial application includes hotel, office, shop, CBD and so on.

If residential use, wear layer 0.3mm and below is enough. If commercial use, youd better to choose the flooring with wear layer 0.3mm, 0.5mm or even 0.7mm. The more heavy traffic, the wear layer should be thicker.

2. Your budget.

It is obvious that 2mm thickness flooring is cheaper than 3mm flooring. A budget scope can help you make it more clear which one is suitable for you.

Dry back LVT is mostly 2-3mm, while SPC is ranges from 3.5-7mm, so SPC price would be higher. If you budget is enough, you can choose SPC, otherwise, you can change LVT.

3. The installation method.

Before LVT installation, you need to make self-leveling on the ground. And you need professional worker to install for you because dry back LVT installation need glue, it is hard to handle.

SPC can cover the small imperfection, and it install with click system, more friendly to DIY lovers, so if you like, you can try to install with your self according to the install instructions.

4. Your request about the flooring.

Except the above items, your request about the flooring also matters. For example, if you want the flooring can be easy to remove, SPC is good choice. Because SPC dont need glue to install, after you removing it, the ground is easy to clean.

5. What vinyl flooring you can get?

Please check what kind of flooring you can buy and get it from shop or website.

6. Contact Trioflor

If you are too lazy to make decision or you just dont know which one is suitable, please contact with us. We will recommend the most suitable products to you.