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What Problems are Prone to Occur After SPC Lock Floor Paving?

Oct. 25, 2021

In recent years, SPC locks, a new type of floor with its own environmental protection, formaldehyde-free, waterproof and other advantages and characteristics, have accounted for more than 50% of the market share of floor materials in foreign countries, especially in some developed countries such as Europe and the United States. The Chinese market has gradually become hot in recent years. According to the continuous improvement of domestic users' consumption concepts, it can even be said that the popularization market has been finalized, and the rest is only a matter of time. As an SPC Flooring Supplier, let me tell you all.

Rigid Core SPC Flooring

Rigid Core SPC Flooring

Although the installation method of SPC lock floor is the same as that of wooden floor, the grasp of details during the installation process is also different from that of wooden floor. According to existing market research, SPC floors of different brands may appear warped, arched, large expansion joints, and even snap-breaks after paving on individual construction sites. After Xiao Li's analysis and investigation, the following conclusions are reached:

1. The raw material of SPC floor is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and calcium carbonate using advanced technology to heat composite. The production process is different from that of wooden floor, so the thermal expansion and contraction are different. The existing paving masters are basically The wooden floor master does the work on his behalf, using the "general paving method", and does not calculate the shrinkage joint size according to the thermal expansion and contraction parameters provided by the SPC floor manufacturer. If the room is slightly larger, once the reserved gap is too small, especially when the temperature difference between winter and summer is too large, it is very easy to have no space to expand, causing arching and warping.

2. In order to reduce costs, use SPC floors with poor quality and low prices. Such floors have poor stability and high thermal expansion and contraction rates. And the loss caused by the "universal paving method".

3. The choice of accessories is also in order to reduce costs. Choosing thinner skirting or narrower right angles and pressure strips invisibly restricts the shrinkage joint space and brings unnecessary losses.

There is no object in the world that does not expand and contract with heat, and the floor is the same. Regardless of whether the shrinkage ratio is large or small, as long as the shrinkage joint size is calculated according to the used floor shrinkage performance, construction site environment, room size, winter and summer temperature, even the floor with poor stability can reduce the problem rate to Minimize and reduce unnecessary losses.

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