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Before Investing in SPC Flooring-Hard Core Board?

Oct. 11, 2021

As an SPC Flooring Supplier, my first consideration!

Since most of the world's products are produced in the East, it is important for potential buyers to understand the impact and complexity of the variety provided before making a specific product. Just because it can be done does not mean you should do it!

A five-point outline was developed to explain what I think should be included on the list of every new SPC buyer.

1. Polyurethane anti-scratch UV coating

In South Africa, we have very strong ultraviolet rays that will eventually destroy and fade most products and materials. When assembling new products from numerous options and over-sensitive factories, make sure to test the surface coatings provided under different conditions to obtain suitable UV protection and severe scratch resistance properties. This coating is your first line of defense to maintain your visual beauty, even surpassing the transparent vinyl wear-resistant layer that ultimately determines the life of the product. A coating of alumina, ceramic beads, or silica beads can be selected, but it is not always (physically) present. Although the warranty period is often seen as a sign of value, we rarely see products reaching these recommended timelines. Unfortunately, many times,

2. Transparent vinyl wear layer

Thicker is not always better, especially when considering who the target market might be. Although the transparent wear layer options can range from 0.1-1.0 mm (4-40 mils), this will significantly affect the price point, but it does not necessarily have many benefits for domestic consumers. No matter how thick the layer is, no matter how thick it is, accidental scratches on the surface will show up on either option in exactly the same way. The thicker option can only prevent some scratches from contacting the decorative paper, but not all. The benefits of a thicker choice are more reflected in the business environment where there may be a large flow of people.

Using a thicker option does allow you to have a more obvious chamfer or slight bevel on the edge of the board. The chamfer aesthetic is usually milled separately into this wear layer. If it is too thin, the chamfer will exceed the wear layer and enter the decorative paper and other places. This will affect performance and visual effects, unless you make up-sells of painted paintings, which in turn will incur additional costs.

Rigid Core SPC Flooring

Rigid Core SPC Flooring

3. Core board

The "core" practical feature of SPC / rigid core board is its dimensional stability when exposed to variable heat and moisture. This is the main reason why our flooring industry is currently talking about and chasing this product. Although the core board color of some variants is buttermilk, while others are grade 50 gray, unless you are knowledgeable about the original material, I won't pay too much attention to the color tone. SPC is not structurally sensitive to recyclable materials like LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile). I think this will cause quite a lot of fear and avoidance. It is expected that cautious promotion of the development of the raw materials market is expected, but this ingredient will keep your prices high. As long as the recycling content is properly managed and balanced at the factory level,

SPC is inherently much more brittle than other rigid floor types. Although these products can span small dents or defects on most substrates, they still require a fairly flat substrate. Unfortunately, many marketing teams consider these products to be bulletproof, claiming that only a slightly flat substrate is required. Be careful here-vertical shear along the compression joint structure is a very real problem, and I recommend that you proceed with caution in terms of product functionality.

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