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The Pros and cons of WPC Flooring

Sep. 13, 2021

As a WPC flooring supplier, I'd like to introduce it to you.

The Advantages of WPC Flooring

WPC Flooring

WPC Flooring


As we all know, the wood flooring is sensitive to water, and the long time water immersion will lead to wood flooring decay, expansion and deformation. While the WPC flooring in this regard fundamentally solve this shortcoming of wood flooring. Its waterproof and moisture-proof performance is more outstanding, so the WPC flooring can be used in the environment that traditional wood flooring can not be applied to.


WPC flooring can effectively fire retardant, can be self-extinguishing in case of fire, and does not produce any toxic gas.


Variety of Styles

Compared with traditional wood flooring, WPC flooring not only has a natural sense of wood and texture, the color is also more colorful. And it can make the ground decoration more personalized.


Insect and Termite Resistant

Natural wood flooring is more or less subject to insects or termite bites, while WPC flooring can effectively eliminate insect and ant harassment, so relatively speaking the service life will be longer than traditional wood flooring.

Because of the style and color of WPC flooring is more diverse, so suitable for a variety of decoration style, can realize personalized modeling reflect personalized design.


Environmentally Friendly

WPC flooring does not contain benzene substances, belonging to the European classification of environmental protection standard products. So you can choose to use without worries.


Easy to Install

In addition to WPC flooring is easy to install, does not require complicated installation process, so you can save installation time and costs.


The Disadvantages of WPC Flooring


Prone to Expansion and Contraction

If the outside environment temperature changes a lot, the surface and internal of WPC flooring will appear uneven heat. It is easy to produce the phenomenon of expansion, contraction and deformation. Such a long time under the action of the WPC flooring life will have an impact.


Easy to Slip

Because the surface of WPC flooring is smooth, the WPC flooring is easy to get wet and slippery, especially in the dirty environment.


Weak Antioxidant Capacity

If to add too little antioxidants in the production process of the WPC flooring, the resistance to the environment is not so strong. Some manufacturers will reduce the use of antioxidants or use other related additives and wood fibers to save production costs. In this case, the WPC flooring is prone to fading, and the material will also be brittle. 

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