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What Does 100% Waterproof SPC Mean

Aug. 06, 2021

What Does 100% Waterproof SPC Mean?

The 100% Waterproof means that SPC flooring will not swell, buckle or lose

structural integrity when exposed to moisture from everyday household spills.

However the SPC flooring will not act as a waterproofing barrier for the subfloor and/or any surrounding structure.

Although moisture will not affect the floor’s integrity, it is probable that when excessive moisture accumulates in buildings or on building materials, mold and/or mildew growth can occur-particularly if the moisture problem remains undiscovered or unaddressed.


Waterproof Exclusions:

• All casualty events involving water coming in to contact with your floor and failures normally covered by homeowners’ insurance including, but not limited to damages caused by:

1.Damages caused by flooding

  2.Standing water from leaky pipes, faucets, sliding glass doors or household appliances

3. Flooding or standing water from hydrostatic pressure or other casualty events

4.Act of God/natural hazards.

• Topical moisture where the liquid has flowed over the edge of the flooring (perimeter, areas where boards are cut, etc.)

• Damage to surrounding structure, walls, subfloor, fixtures, furniture, underlayment, moldings, trims, subfloor heating elements, or anything that is not the floor plank or tile.

• Damage and/or odor resulting from mold & mildew growth due to prolonged exposure to moisture.

• Flooring that is installed outdoors