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SPC flooring Deformation Is Caused by Several Reasons

Jul. 22, 2022

1. Production process is not familiar or misoperation will cause SPC flooring deformation:

For example: When product thickness is 4mm in production, some engineers adjust die lip space to 6mm, but some adjust it to 4.2~4.5mm, the problem is in thickness of 4.2mm, the speed ratio from die lip to calender roller to the haul-off unit, and tensile condition will all cause product deformation.As for the adjusting space of die lip when in production, this need to reference producing condition.

SPC flooring Deformation Is Caused by Several Reasons


2. Formula:

CPE has the ability to improve a product’s toughness, but if CPE adding quantity is not suitable which will cause SPC flooring deformation, Under the premise of not affecting the quality of SPC floor, the amount of CPE can be reduced appropriately.


3. UV process:

When in UV process will have some temperature which will have thermal stress in SPC flooring, this thermal stress may cause deformation, in order to prevent deformation, so added water cooling treatment in the UV line.

4. Slotting process:

Pay attention not to press two edges to tighten.


5. Tempering process:

After normal production, some companies will do the tempering process, but tempering processing will cause product deforming, because the shrinkage of SPC flooring’s wear layer and flooring are different, when the temperature bigger changing here will cause different tensile, then will cause SPC flooring deformation.


6. Installation:

Improper installation or big temperature changes all can also cause floor deformation.

<1> The exposure of the sun, because the shrinkage of the SPC floor and the wear layer are different when under strong sunshine they will occur shrinkage.

<2> Don't forget to leave enough shrinkage space when in installation.


The above reasons are only for your reference, specific situation needs specific analysis.


 SPC flooring Deformation Is Caused by Several Reasons