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Why SPC Waterproof Floor is Deeply Loved by Consumers

Jul. 09, 2022

About SPC flooring

SPC flooring combines the advantages of solid wood floor, laminate floor and PVC floor. It not only has the real texture of wood floor, but also has the function of waterproof and wear resistance.


Why SPC Waterproof Floor is Deeply Loved by Consumers


Why SPC waterproof floor is deeply loved by consumers

1. Safer, more environmentally friendly and more economical

SPC floor as a new material, compared with wood floor, does not need deforestation, is very friendly to the natural ecology, not only simple installation, but also can be recycled, the main source of formaldehyde in the floor is glue, the floor installation needs glue, SPC waterproof floor is able to achieve zero formaldehyde, because its material and structure will not use glue.

2. 100% waterproof, can be used in kitchen and toilet space

SPC is popular among consumers. The most important thing is that it is not afraid of water and is very resistant to wear and dirt. Jilang’s SPC crystal waterproof floor has a special mute pad at the bottom, which makes the floor more elastic and has better mute effect. For families with old people and children, it is not only safe but also convenient to clean;

3. Simple installation, you can also complete the pavement

SPC floor is suspended installation, the ground does not need to do special treatment, after leveling / self leveling can be directly installed. In addition, it can be directly paved on the original tiles and the floor without knocking out the old tiles, and it is also very suitable for the renovation of old houses. It is very convenient for the personalized pavement of newly decorated houses and the renovation of old houses;

4. Young, individual, fashionable and full of design sense

SPC floor has a strong sense of design. We can design various patterns and styles according to our needs to meet our colorful life. It can not only have the texture of wood, but also design the stone effect of ceramic tile. The superior cost performance is not only the product of the development of the times, but also the innovative product of the personalized needs of consumers;

SPC has strong plasticity. It can customize various styles according to the needs of users. Different colors can be designed for the same style.

Why SPC Waterproof Floor is Deeply Loved by Consumers


What space is SPC waterproof floor suitable for?

SPC waterproof floor is suitable for many spaces and places, including kitchen, living room, toilet, kindergarten, school, office building, hotel, shop, chain store, exhibition hall, gym, basement, etc;

It is believed that the heat of SPC floor will gradually increase in recent years. With the gradual understanding of domestic consumers on SPC floor, and its superior waterproof performance, various fashion styles and extremely high stability, SPC floor is not only a new favorite, but also the demand of social development. There is no need to cut down forests to enhance natural environmental protection, and it can be recycled, no matter for individual families It is a kind of progress both in the court and in the country.


Why SPC Waterproof Floor is Deeply Loved by Consumers