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chevron wood pattern spc flooring

Our Chevron Collection is the modern take on the popular chevron layout without a time-consuming  installation. Our design uses 2 unique patterns that seamlessly form the “V” shape when the planks  are installed next to each other.

Chevron Flooring is a classic design where the wood blocks meet point to point, creating a continuous zigzag.

The chevron flooring pattern can be laid parallel to the walls or diagonally. The chevron pattern angle is 40-60 degrees so that it creates diagonal zig zags along one axis. Usually, the chevron flooring planks have a tongue and a groove that meet with a click. However, this is just one standard method of installing wooden floors. 

This product has been certified to meet the requirements of the flooring products certification program for indoor air quality.

Trioflor Chevron SPC flooring

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Choice of colours: grey, black, white, wood grain oak, etc., or customised patterns and colours

Specification range: 

Thickness: 3.5mm-6mm

Length*width: 6mm*36mm-9mm*70mm

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chevron wood pattern spc flooring

The Chevron pattern has its beginnings in Greek pottery, Medieval heraldry and textiles. It was a sign of rank, used on the military uniforms of the Commonwealth nations. Chevron can be recognized by its signature “V” shapeIn heraldry, a chevron is a geometrical shape that appears on many coats of arms. Some insignias and heraldries boast a modified chevron with a rounded base and irregular zig-zag patterns. This is called “eclate”. You can use the chevron pattern even for your vast soaking tub in white marble. 

In the kitchen, if you are bold enough to use wood floors, go for chevron. There is a certain kind of warmth and tenderness in every kitchen with chevron wood floors. You will never understand it until you experiment with that. 

If you want to get a pattern on your floor, but you don’t want a permanent solution, you can choose a chevron-patterned area rug and add some cushions, blankets, or curtains with this design. These glamour flooring patterns are something more than only a trend; they are a true fashion statement!

Chevron can give the impression of a larger room. The zig-zag Vs create a beautiful optical illusion that makes you feel perfect in even the tiniest of spaces. Maybe that’s one way to differentiate them – for small rooms, chevron is a little better. 

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