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Chevron SPC flooring

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SPC floor

100% waterproof flooring and hard core SPC flooring provide beauty and durability to home interiors - families with children and pets will enjoy superior flooring performance. spc is an easy DIY installation - install in kitchens, dining areas and living areas of throughout the home - just lock and tap into place and the room is complete. Worried about wear and tear? SPC floors are embossed to look and feel like real wood, without all the typical maintenance issues.

100% waterproof; can be installed in most rooms of your home or office.

Can be installed over most existing surfaces, including tile, wood, concrete.

Easy to maintain wax-free flooring - simply clean with a mop, hoover or floor cleaner.

Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and pet-friendly flooring with an abrasion-resistant layer surface 

The interlocking installation system makes it quick and easy to install.

We recommend that you purchase at least 10% edge waste

For indoor use only

Chevron SPC flooring

Chevron SPC flooring also known as HERRINGBONE SPC FLOORING, in which rectangular planks are cut into parallelograms at 45° angles and then aligned along the centre seam, gives a floor line that looks like a fishbone.

With traditional spc flooring, the individual pieces are rectangular or square; with Chevron SPC flooring, however, the individual pieces are flat quadrilateral. This is the most obvious difference between the two.

When laid, Chevron SPC flooring takes on a special aesthetic and geometric dimension. When viewed horizontally, the lines are like waves, tumbling up and down; when viewed in the direction of the lines, there is the illusion of an infinite extension of a narrow space. This is especially true in the corridors.

Chevron SPC flooring cost

From a technical point of view: Chevron SPC flooring is one of the most costly of all flooring methods, as each piece is diamond-shaped, rather than the usual rectangular shape, and therefore requires a special cutting process to be carried out on each Chevron SPC flooring before it is laid. Each Chevron SPC flooring has to be cut at 45° or 60° on both sides, so it is relatively more costly than the normal way of laying, which means more budget!

How to maintain Chevron SPC flooring? 

Chevron SPC flooring is easy to clean and maintain, all you need to do is sweep, vacuum and mop the floor regularly using a common floor cleaner.

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Trioflor Chevron SPC flooring

Exceptional service: Our expert associates are trained to provide prompt, personalised service to each and every customer. From selecting the flooring to delivery, Trioflor is committed to ensuring each client's satisfaction.

Choice of colours: grey, black, white, wood grain oak, etc., or customised patterns and colours

Specification range: 

Thickness: 3.5mm-6mm

Length*width: 6mm*36mm-9mm*70mm

When you want the very best for your Chevron SPC floorings, trioflor.net is the right pick for you.

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