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SPC Flooring - the darling of the market

Jun. 10, 2022

In recent years, a new environment-friendly SPC flooring has come to people's attention. 

At first, it is popular among European and American countries due to its waterproof, flame retardant, easy installation and many other advantages that are different from traditional flooring. 

It is quite a hit in every year’s Domotex Asia exhibition in Shanghai, China.


What is SPC Flooring?

The component of SPC flooring

SPC flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring material. Its main materials are natural calcium carbonate powder and thermoplastic polymer material. SPC flooring is also called rigid core flooring overseas and it was first popular abroad.


The structure of Trioflor SPC flooring:

From top to bottom are UV layer, wear layer, decor film and rigid core.

Besides, many manufacturers will attach a sound absorption pad or cork to achieve sound dampening, resilient and moisture-proof performance.

SPC Flooring - the darling of the market


Advantages of SPC Flooring

01 Eco-friendly, Formaldehyde-free

No heave metal such as benzene, lead or cadmium. Not toxic substances during the entire manufacturing process.

SPC Flooring - the darling of the market


02 Waterproof

With a high-density rigid core, it is waterproof, mold-proof and no deformation. No afraid of using in the bathroom or kitchen.

SPC Flooring - the darling of the market


03 Flame Retardant

Trioflor SPC flooring’s fire retardant classification B1.

It will not deform in case of fire and is safe to use.


04 Durable

Trioflor SPC flooring is wear-resistance and impact resistance due to its rigid core. Durable and easy to maintain. Perfect for every-day use. And it can be used in high traffic area on large scale such as hotels or business districts.


05 Sound Absorption

Trioflor SPC flooring has a good performance in sound absorption due to its unique structure. Impact insulation class is much higher than ceramic tiles and wood flooring. Suitable for quiet places, schools or libraries installation.


06 Easy Installation

No glue or nails needed in the installation process because of the unilin click of Trioflor SPC flooring.

It is easy to install and uninstall. The SPC flooring paving process is clean and healthy compared to traditional wood flooring installation. You can even install and enjoy it on the same day. The average paving speed is 15~25㎡/h.

SPC Flooring - the darling of the market


07 Dimensional Stability

Wood flooring easily shrinks and cracks

SPC flooring is dimensionally stable.

DECNP SPC flooring can cope with moisture and severe temperature changes well. It doesn’t shrink and perfect to floor on large scale.



More Scratch-resistant

Wood flooring is very vulnerable which will get scratched easily. Laminate flooring is relatively more scratch-resistant. And Trioflor SPC flooring performs even better with “5S” U-Guard technology.


More Anti-slip

Slip resistance classification R10. No need to afraid when there is water on the floor. Safe for elder people and children.

SPC Flooring - the darling of the market


More Durable

The impact resistance, wear-resistance and fade resistance perform much better with “5S” U-Guard technology processed, which means it has a long service life. Wearable revolutions up to 16,000-25,000. Colors fastness to light grade is 6. Suitable for balcony, office or public places use.


More Stain-resistant

With exclusive “5S” U-Guard technology, Trioflor SPC flooring‘s stain resistance gets improved. Just wipe it off while dealing with daily life stains.

SPC Flooring - the darling of the market


More Anti-bacterial

Antibacterial is another advantage of Trioflor SPC flooring. It can inhibit the growth of bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli with “5S” U-Guard technology which adds an extra antibacterial factor. It is an ideal choice for kindergarten, schools, hospitals which has a high requirement of the environment.


SPC Flooring, The Game Changer 

Trioflor SPC flooring can meet different people’s demands in space design because of its various patterns.

Realistic Printing

Some manufacturers develop a new type of product that combines the advantages of SPC flooring and the beauty of other floorings. Real-wood-like and ceramic-like patterns are two popular choices. It has a natural wood texture and grains of hardwood flooring as well as the advantages of SPC flooring such as waterproof, impact resistance, anti-slip, wear resistance, etc. SPC flooring with ceramic patterns enriches the choice of customers and designers.

SPC Flooring - the darling of the market


Pattern Customization

With the development of digital printing technology, the patterns of Trioflor SPC flooring can be unique and personalized. Besides, it can be applied to producing the wall planks. SPC flooring is sure to imitate various textures in the future with the continuous improvement of printing technology.


In the future, as people’s understanding of SPC flooring becomes clearer and deeper, more people will choose it to decorate the space, and SPC flooring will redefine the term "flooring".

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