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What should be Paid Attention to in the Construction of Wood-Plastic Floor?

Apr. 12, 2021

As a WPC Flooring Supplier, share with you. Nowadays, many homes buy wood-plastic flooring when choosing engineering building decoration materials. This type of raw material is very different from the general wood floor raw materials, although the wood floor raw materials can exceed the application purpose in the entire process of use. However, the raw materials of wood flooring have certain limitations, and everyone cannot exceed the expected effect of rationalization when installing and using this kind of board.

WPC Flooring

WPC Flooring

Compared with the raw materials of wood-plastic flooring, the stability of wood-plastic flooring is very good. No nodes and gaps can be found in the raw materials of wood flooring, and the raw materials selected during the production period of this kind of board are also quite different. When making wood-plastic raw materials, High-quality wood and textile materials are used. After molding, the appearance of such boards is also unique to wood floors, but they can exceed the purpose of moisture resistance during the service life. Therefore, compared with ordinary wood floors, the service life of wood-plastic raw materials is longer. long.

When installing wood-plastic flooring, you should pay attention to several key links in the operation process. Before building construction, you must first carefully check the installation geographical environment. The installation geographical environment should be relatively flat and kept dry. Wood-plastic raw materials are relatively fragile, so when installing fixed and unchanging, it is necessary to strictly follow the process. The worker must first use a hand drill to turn the hole, and then use the screw to fix the unchanging plate, which can avoid the operation process. Improper damage to the uniqueness of the sheet.

As everyone sees, the color of the wood-plastic floor that you usually see is basically the one that is close to walnut. That is because the places where you see the wood-plastic floor are not wetland parks or outdoor cultural businesses. square. In such a venue, it is still quite close to the walnut color to look closer to nature.

But is the wood plastic floor really only that color? Let me inform you that I think you can customize WPC flooring with different colors and different textures according to the requirements of consumers. With the current development trend in the field of wood-plastic manufacturing, our wood-plastic products are now accepted and widely promoted by everyone in many fields.

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