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Homogeneous Flooring VS Vinyl Flooring Which is Better?

Jul. 05, 2021

Which one is better? We have encountered many disputes between homogeneous tiles and vinyl flooring. Every homeowner wants to provide the best choice for his house-the same beautiful, affordable and durable floor. But which one is better? This is a question that many people are still searching for answers to. Let's start with Homogeneous Flooring VS vinyl flooring!

Our article attempts to identify and resolve this threat once and for all. Before deciding what to buy, carefully understand all aspects. This is our article on homogeneous tiles and vinyl flooring.

Homogeneous Flooring vs. vinyl flooring comparison

1. Air Quality

The first is air quality. Vinyl uses PVC resin in its structure. As we all know, resin releases harmful gases into the air through a process called exhaust. When these gases accumulate over time, they can cause air pollution and even adversely affect asthma patients. This is a huge blow to vinyl flooring.

On the other hand, homogeneous ceramic floors are booming in this field. The floors are made of organic materials that do not emit gas. Ceramic tiles are favored for their natural and organic feel. They are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

2. How durable is it?

This is an intense game. The new innovative vinyl flooring utilizes interlocking installation technology. Compared with traditional vinyl flooring, they are stronger, more slip resistant, and can withstand greater loads. This does not mean that the tiles are of poor quality.

On the contrary, homogeneous floors seem to have advantages over vinyl flooring in terms of durability. As we all know, ceramic tiles can withstand not only acidic chemicals, but also scratches. The service life of vinyl flooring is 10 to 20 years, while the service life of homogeneous flooring is up to 50 years.

Homogeneous Flooring VS Vinyl Flooring Which is Better?

Vinyl flooring is undoubtedly durable, but unfortunately it is not suitable for certain applications. Vinyl flooring can be used in bedrooms and retail spaces, but not in small kitchens, parking lots and public toilets. In addition, vinyl flooring can become discolored and damaged with continuous wear and tear.

Homogeneous floors occupy a place in this category.

3. Maintenance

Between homogeneous tiles and vinyl flooring, which one is cheaper and easier to maintain? Homogeneous tiles combine self-cleaning and antibacterial technology. Some floors are also present on four surfaces-smooth matte, polished, rough structured and ribbed. After all, the difficulty of maintaining floors will be reduced to the type you choose.

If you have purchased high-quality tiles, you can expect an impressive level of stain resistance. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is also easy to maintain and clean. It doesn't have much surface, like quality tiles, so it doesn't have much complexity. Click to buy.

Homogeneous Flooring

In terms of maintenance, tile and vinyl floors are equally outstanding.

4. Installation

Installing tiles is more tricky than vinyl and requires professional help. You need to hire a contractor to crack existing materials. Floors need to be handled carefully without any compromises. They are fragile and easily damaged.

For vinyl flooring, no special treatment is required. Installing them requires you to simply connect one strip to another. No glue is even needed. If you are in a hurry and need to complete the renovation in a short time, vinyl flooring is your choice.

Vinyl flooring occupies the contrast between homogeneous floors and vinyl flooring in terms of ease of installation.

5. Pricing-which is cheaper?

This is an important factor that everyone considers when making flooring decisions. The decision on this is very simple-vinyl flooring is the cheaper option. An important reason is that vinyl flooring does not require any professional assistance during installation. This is a do-it-yourself thing.

For homogeneous floors, you need to hire a contractor to crack your existing floor. Even without hacking services, floors are still more expensive than vinyl.

The affordable price of vinyl has made it popular and has become the preference of many homeowners. It won this part of the competition between homogeneous floors and vinyl flooring.

Homogeneous floors vs vinyl flooring summary

Any conclusions about the homogenous tile vs. vinyl floor debate? Both types of flooring have their own advantages and disadvantages. Their unique functions play a huge role in their decisions. Click to place an order.